Ghost Hunting





  • Infrared Camcorder

  • Infrared Scope

  • Temperature Gun

  • EVP Recorder

*There is an extra charge for ghost hunting as it requires a lot of time at odd hours, SD cards and space on the computer for the hours of footage, pictures, and audio. Thank you for understanding!




We've had our own personal paranormal experiences spurring our frightened fascination with the unseen and mythical. My mother's side of the family is particularly sensitive to ghosts and have their own, for lack of a better word, psychic abilities like astral projection, sharing dreams, and premonitions. They've all experienced their own horrifying ghost stories (my aunt lived next to the real Amityville house) and even mythical creatures from a south american tale of little people to an owl with a human face. I, personally, have seen ghosts, experienced a poltergeist, and a UFO silently cruising right above our rooftop all before the age of 13. Having experienced all these things anchors the importance of documenting such events.

"Off the Clock" is basically our portfolio of unofficial videos that we filmed just for fun. From high school to the present!